Our School in English

The Karl-von-Lutzenberger-Realschule Zülpich was founded at the beginning of the school year 2002. It was named in memory of the famous Zülpich priest – his name stands for tolerance, civil courage, respect for human dignity, social engagement, sense of duty and law, responsibility and reliability. All this should help our young pupils to find an honorable way of life.

We are a secondary school with about 530 pupils in the age of 10 – 16 or 17 years.

The modern building was finished in 2005/06, 19 classrooms and special rooms (e.g. Biology, Physics and Chemics) are situated near a huge gym.

Our school program is the basic for parents, pupils and teachers. Each member has to sign our school agreement which rules the daily life.



The first week of every school year fundamental technics are learned, trained and repeated. Lessons are 6 to 8 hours from Monday to Friday. French is taught as the second foreign language.



Weekly there are compulsory classes in German, English and Mathematics to support children who want to improve their abilities. Training the methods of learning is held in all levels, too.


Cooperation with Primary Schools

To smoothen the transition we closely cooperate with the Primary Schools in our region by conferencing together.


Visiting the “Original” – cooperation with business companies

All our beginners get into touch with the National Park Nettersheim and help harvesting apples; classes 9 and 10 get careers guidance by individual work experiences.


Cooperation with associations and “Franken-Gymnasium”

Special social events like “Reading at Night”, “ Solving Conflicts” or sport clubs activities – e.g. Sailing, Fencing, Basketball, Athletics – complete our school life.